What is a Wart?
  • Warts are an infection in the skin caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • There are many names for foot warts – papillomas, verruca or plantar warts
  • Warts are common, with children and teenagers more commonly affected than adults

  • Warts are contracted through skin-to-skin contact
  • Risk factors in contracting a wart are:
    - Injuries to the skin
    - Skin infections that break the skin surface
    - Standing on infected wet areas such as public showers or swimming pools
    - Direct contact with other people’s warts
    - Scratching your own warts and spreading them to other areas

  • Warts under the foot (plantar warts) can appear similar to corns
  • While it is common for children to develop warts, it is uncommon for them to develop corns
  • Your Podiatrist can also easily differentiate a wart from a corn

  • Not all warts require treatment. Some warts will simply resolve in time, but it can take a several years for them to disappear
  • Your Podiatrist can discuss the treatment options with you including:
    - Salicylic acid
    - Cryotherapy or freezing with liquid nitrogen
    - Cantherone
  • In people who have weakened immune systems, warts are less likely to clear up on their own and do not respond well to treatment