What is a Bunion?
  • Bunions appear as a large bony lump at the ball of the foot around the big toe
  • They are one of the most common foot disorders that affect people
  • In medical terms, a bunion is referred to as hallux abducto valgus – meaning the big toe deviates towards the smaller toes
  • Over time, patients may notice the bony lump enlarge and become painful
  • Ill fitting footwear, such as tight narrow shoes or high heels
  • Poor foot biomechanics that leads to instability around the big toe joint eventually leading to development of a bunion
  • Bunions tend to run in families, not because they are inherited but because you can inherit the poor foot biomechanics listed above
Pain in Bunions:

Pain can be due to:

  • Pressure of footwear
  • Pain in the joint due to arthritis as the joint can become restricted in normal movement
  • Get a Podiatrists opinion and start treatment as soon as possible
  • Bunions are almost always progressive and tend to get larger and more painful with time
  • They can begin at a young age
  • Unfortunately, once a bunion occurs there is no way to reduce the size of the lump without surgery
  • Your Podiatrist can discuss the treatment options to relieve pressure, help with symptoms and slow the progression of the bunion:
    - Footwear Advice
    - Orthotics
    - Toe separators
    - Exercises